Volume 42 Issue 3


“The Hiram Diaries” by Zack Smith
“A Phone Call” by Carson McLeod
“A Sunday in April” by Kristi Murray
“The Heart of The Island” by Hershall Cook
“Moist, Damp Thing” by Gracie Ramsdell
“Best T TS in Town and Other Absent Neon at the Periphery” by Dyl Carpenter
“Hollow Pine” by Kristin Gilmore
“old devil” by Justine Epstein
“‘God Told Us to Eat Acid, Okay’” by Sam Tezak
“To Cross a Field” by Bowen Malcolm
“Hiking Through Pikes Peak National Forest” by Carson McLeod
“The Problem With Religion” by Pat Robinson
“Sacrifice” by Clare Holtzman
Visual Art
William Rushton
Brent Lamb
Allen Tian
William Hannum
Suzanna McCurtry
Lenny Foraker
Anna Kay
Hannah Trim
Abigayle Cosinuke
Nanette Phillips
Mindy Huang
Sari Lesem