Volume 43 Issue 3

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Me and My Shadow by Helen Wick
the distance blue by Emily Powers-Beck
12/25/14, 10:32 PM by Nicole Wilkerson
On the Dock by Hannah Flemming
Sorting Salmon by Carson Mcleod
The Bear by Sophia Haines
Castor & Pollux by Sophia Haines
Portugal: Night Trips to the Market by Maryka Gillis


The FunBox by Catherine Snow
March by Holly Pretsky
Sweltering by Kristin Murray
My Toast for Josh’s Wedding by Julian Neylan
Inland by James Farrell


Visual Art
Raihanna Omri
Justine Epstein
Gabriel Maldonado
Gareth Hardwick
Sophia Capp
Veronica Spann
Isabel Leonard
William Carson
Gareth Hardwick
Jack Rodat
Luke Winfield
William Carson


Cover Art
William Hannum and Alex Parabacus